Queensland Bridge Association - Players


Rosemary Atherton

Hari Baumanis

Jim Blaikie

Hugh Brown

Alice Brown

Phil Brown

Enid Busch

Marion Cooke

June Corlis

Cecily Critchley

Ivy Dahler

Ivy Dahler

Frank Garnsey

Ann Gibbes

Peter Hainsworth

Prue Haussmann

Graham Henry

Harold Hiley

Otto Hirschfeld

Saul Isaacs

Tony Jackman

Fay Landy

Tom Landy

Peter Leden

Colin Martin

Colin Masters

Carmel Mawn

George McCutcheon

Jenny McGrath

Irma Neill

Kay Newman

Lorna Newnham

James O'Sullivan

Rita O'Sullivan and Verna Kessler

Roger Penny

Elaine Poulsen

Gray Reynolds

Charlie Schwabegger

Tim Seres

Colin Stone

MJ (Mick) Sullivan

Clarice Suthers

Josie and Kivas Tully

Jean Wallace

Judith Webb

Alan Woods




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