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Paul Gosney

International Representation

2011 Australia Bermuda Bowl Team

2010 Asia Pacific Federation Open Teams Championships

2010 Australia World Youth Team

2008 Australia World Youth Team

2007 Asia Pacific Federation Open Teams Championships

National Titles

2019 Autumn National Open Teams

2011 National Youth Pairs - [with Liam Milne]

2010 National Youth Teams

2006 Australian Open Butler

2005 National Youth Teams

2004 Australian Men's Pairs

2004 Interstate Youth Pairs - [with Nathan van Jole]

State Representation

Australian National Championships - Queensland Youth Team 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002

State Titles

2005 Queensland Butler Pairs - [with David Appleton]

2005 Queensland Men's Pairs - [with David Appleton]

2004 Queensland Graded Teams - [with Peter Hainsworth, Nathan van Jole, Ralph Parker]

2004 Queensland Open Pairs - [with Nathan van Jole]


2013 Coffs Harbour Open Teams - [with Gabriella Bremner-Moore, Liam Milne, Matthew Thomson, Michael Whibley]

2009 Coffs Harbour Open Teams - [with Ervin Otvosi, Nabil Edgtton, Kennet Christiansen]

2009 Dick Cummings Swiss Pairs - [with Peter Gill]

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