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Gold Coast Ivy Dahler Butler Pairs - Open

2019NS: Jane Beeby - Michael Wilkinson
EW: Anne Somerville - Geoff Eyles
2018NS: Mike Doecke - Will Jenner-O'Shea
EW: Michael Courtney - Sue Ingham
2017NS: Danny Sprung - Joann Sprung
EW: Jessica Brake - Matthew Brown
2016NS: Richard Jedrychowski - Apolina Kowalski
EW: Terry Brown - Jeanette Reitzer (Ivy Dahler Trophy)
2015Pauline Gumby - Warren Laser
2014Geoff Eyles - Anne Somerville
2013NS: Michael Wilkinson -Susan Humphries EW: Ann Paton - Hugh Grosvenor
2012NS: Sue Ingham - Michael Courtney EW: Jeanette Reitzer - Kieran Dyke
2011NS: Pauline Gumby - Warren Lazer EW: Terry Brown - Avi Kanetkar
2010EW: John Buckleton - Christine Wilson
2010NS: Julie Sheridan - Karen Martelletti
2009EW: Nye Griffiths - Ian Robinson
2009NS: Richard Jedrychowski - Apolina Kowalski
2008A Kanetkar, T Brown
2007R Klinger - J Ebery




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