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Gold Coast Seres-McMahon Swiss Pairs

2019Robert Krochmalik - Viv Wood
2018Stephen Fischer - David Appleton
2017Kevin Tant - John Brockwell
2016Piotr Zatorski, Agata Chojnicka, Erikas Vainikonis, Juste Rotomskyte, Andrei Arlovich, Svetlana Badrenkova
2015Michael Wilkinson, Marlene Watts, Susan Crompton, Michael Prescott
2014Neil Ewart, Felicity Beale, Robbie van Riel, Margaret Bourke
2013William Jenner O'Shea, Vanessa Brown, Viv Wood, Mike Doecke
2012Christine Duckworth, Brian Callahan, Agnes Wesseling, Niels Van Der Gaast
2011Lindsey Guy, Stephen Gray, Greer Tucker, Steve White
2010M Bourke, F Beale, R Van Riel, R Gallus
2009Tony & Helena Hutton, John & Juliet Pettitt
2008Tony Jackman, Richard Wallis, Wynne Webber, Meta Goodman




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