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Gold Coast Teams Championship - Novice

Under 100 MPs (GS)

2019Bernard Yates, Nick Hullah, Kerry Barns, Sylvia Bray
20181st= Anito Delorenzo, Liz Shonk, Elizabeth Voveris, Johanna Thomas
1st= Diana McAuliffe, Paul Barnett, Martin Coote, James Harvey
2017Allan Byrnes, Steven Parkes, Unis Suliman, Peter Taylor
2016Steven Parkes, Allan Byrnes, Peter Taylor, Unis Suliman
2015Justine Wlodarczyk, Bronnwyn White, Caroline Marshall, Margeret Teitzel
2014Carmel Wikman, Kay Roberts, Linda Norman, Joan Jenkins
2013Joan Jenkins, Linda Norman, Kay Roberts, Ross Currin
2012Sharon Clifford, Kay Goodwin, Ashok Chotai, Veena Chotai
2011Jillian Tuckey, Rozanne Thomas, Denis Moody, Monty Dale
2010B Wippell, B Wippell, M Doherty, K Nicoll
2009E Willis, D Mundell, R Dean, M Geldard
2008R Casey, A McKenna, J Heck, J Gentner




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