Queensland Bridge Association - Records

Queensland Title Holders and Representatives

QBA Championships Gold Coast Congress Barrier Reef Congress

Gold Coast Bobby Richman Pairs Championship - Open

2019Therese Demarco - Stephen Fischer
2018Matthew Brown - Johnno Newman
2017Justin Howard - Tony Nunn
2016Barbara Travis - Howard Melbourne
2015Magnus Moren - Neville Francis
2014Justin Howard - Ishmael Del'Monte
Gold Coast Congress Open Pairs Championship
2013Barbara Traviss - Howard Melbourne
2012Nabil Edgtton - Ashley bach
2011Michael WARE - Geo TISLEVOLL
2010K Martens - D Filipowicz
2009A de Livera - H Melbourne
2008H McGann - T Hanlon
2007J Armstrong - H Melbourne
2006M Szymanowski - J Strepinsky
2005J Holland - M Brunner
2004R Jedrychowski - J Pszczola
2003B Neill - R Klinger
2002H Melbourne - M Pomfrey
2001T Jacob - R Jedrychowski
2000Z Huilin - T Ong
1999R Brightling - S Browne
1998R Richman - H Grosvenor
1997B Polii - G Watulingas
1996B Senior - M Horton
1995= 1st P King - R Bentley
1995= 1st M Watson - M Courtney
1994I Del'Monte - A Bach
1993I Del'Monte - R Richman
1992D Beauchamp - U Durmus
1991J Borin - R Richman
1990R Richman - S Browne
1989A Walsh - Mrs E Havas
1988J Borin - N Borin
1987R Klinger - D Lilley
1986R Richman- S Burgess
1985D Greenwald - B Glubok
1984P Marston - S Burgess
1983P Marston - S Burgess
1982R Richman - J Lester
1981R Richman - D Smith
1980Mr & Mrs J Borin
1979Miss B Gill - P Jamieson
1978D Evans - P Lavings
1977Miss M McMahon - T Seres
1976Miss M McMahon - T Seres
1975I McCance - W Scott
1974Miss M McMahon - T Seres
1973D Evans - I Weiss
1972Dr F Bellingham - H Hochmuch
1971D Evans - I Weiss
1970Mr & Mrs R Stern
1969Miss M McMahon - T Seres
1968Miss M McMahon - T Seres
1967A J Selinger - G H Westcott
1966T Landy - Dr D G Neill
1965D Evans - I Weiss
1964Mrs R Eaton - Miss M McMahon
1963T Seres - R Smilde
1962H W Hiley - R E Williams




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