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Gold Coast Bobby Richman Pairs Championship - Restricted

Under 300 MPs (GS)

2019Neil Williams - Peter Fitzmaurice
2018Barry Whale - Jody Whale
2017Jessica Chew - Rez Karim
2016Tony Jiang - Julia Zhu
2015Chris Duggin - Faye Carnovale
2014Marlise Jones - Kerry Watson
2013Chris Hannan - Diana Ellis
2012Garry Khemka - John Yoon
2011Damien CZAPNIK - Alex RIGGS
2010N Moore - G Martin
2009R Casey - J Kelly
2008D Featherstone - N McIvor
2007B Atkins, T Wagstaff
2006G Collins - J Clyne
20051= G McCarthy - B Carroll
20051= P Trenerry - R Groom
2004J Clyne - G Collins
2003J Wood - P Hale
2002J Hood - A Murray
2001B Ashwell - A Dormer
2000T Strickland - V Davies




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