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Gold Coast Teams Championship - Restricted

Under 300 MPs (GS)

2019Ian Bannister, Fran Martin, Jane O'Brien, Chris Hagen
2018Hans Van Weeren, Peter Clarke, Jeff Conroy, Jill Blenkey
2017Jessica Chew, Rez Karim, Yuning Zheng, Zhongjie Xiao
2016Kinga Hajmasi, Andrew Michi, Carol Christensen, Pat Faircloth
2015Anne McNaughton, Faye Bell, Heather Scott, Margot Moylan
2014Laurie Skeate, Denis Ward, Monty Dale, Denis Moody
2013Denise O'Regan, Adrian Lohmann, Pam Brewer, Ruth Goerg
2012Alan Davies, Vivien Eldridge, Rachael Loomes, Maurice Loomes
2011Ian Bailey, Graham Markey, Robin Devries, Richard Lock
2010G Martin, N Moore, P Bugler J Kelly
2009Bruce and Bev Crossman, E Leach, B Bolt
2008N McIvor, D Featherstone, D Potter, T Potter
2007T Wotherspoon, E Baker, R Taylor, R Taylor
2006W Houghton, C Houghton, W Boxall, R Plush
2005M Lindsay, B Lindsay, P Penlington, R McArthur
2004M Lindsay, B Lindsay, P Penlington, R McArthur
2003G Torelli, M Hoenig, D Eastman, S Sender
2002D Sarten, S Sarten, H Walsh, G Walsh
2001D Johnson, M Johnson, I Doland, J Watson




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