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Gold Coast Teams Championship - Seniors

2019Zolly Nagy, David Middleton, David Smith, Neil Ewart
2018Zolly Nagy, David Middleton, Neil Ewart, David Smith
2017Alan Walsh, Barbara Mcdonald, Arjuna De Livera, Elizabeth Havas
2016Richard Brightling, David Hoffman, Peter Buchen, Chris Hughes
2015Trevor Robb, Andrew Janisz, Patsy Walters, Lynne Geursen
2014Steven Bock, Martin Bloom, Nigel Rosendorff, Les Grewcock
2013Tony Marinos, Peter Grant, Stephen Mendick, Andrew Creet
2012Ian Clayton, Cynthia Clayton, Merle Marr, Bruce Marr
2011John Brockwell, Eric Ramshaw, Arthur Robbins, Gary Ridgway
2010E Havas, G Schmidt, A Walsh, B Mcdonald
2009J Chan, R Januske, J Puskas, J Zollo, P Chan
2008J Puskas, D Lusk, P Chan, R Januszke, J Hewitt
2007J Puskas, P Chan, J Hewitt, R Januszke, B Bignall, D Lusk
2006J Puskas, P Chan, J Januszke, R Bignall, W Malaczynski
2005T Marinos, G Danta, T Davis, P Grant
2004J Brockwell, E Ramshaw, D Mortimer, D Anderson
2003W Westwood, I McKinnon, E Ramshaw, J Brockwell
2002L Varadi, G Varadi, M Foster, R Cowan
2001J Brockwell, J Ashworth, W Westwood, I McKinnon




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