Novice Players

Attention Novices (players with fewer than 100 masterpoints). This page is for you. The QBA’s Novice Coordinator is Stephen Bennet.  Stephen can be contacted at

Events for Novices in 2021
Some events in the calendar are specifically for Novices (fewer then 100 masterpoints) or Restricted (usually fewer than 300 masterpoints). Some other events are run as graded events which means that players play only within their grade and won’t meat opponents that aren’t in the same grade.

On our Upcoming Events page there is a checkbox that you can tick and this filters the list to show only those events that are listed below are for novice players. They are either exclusively for novice or restricted players, or are graded. Note however, in graded events, some novice players (usually with a higher level of masterpoints) could be playing against players in the next grade above to establish a more suitable playing movement.

We want your feedback
We want to hear from novice players about what you like and don’t like about the bridge world. Email your comments to our Novice Co-ordinator