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Learn Bridge in Queensland

Bridge is by far the greatest card game of all, providing immense challenge and enjoyment.

Joan Butts is a well known Australian Bridge personality, who has represented her country in world championships.

Joan Butts is the official teacher for the Queensland Bridge Association. She has been involved with bridge teaching, bridge holidays and bridge clubs for 20 years. If you’d like to try, email Joan to ask how to get started. Play in a club near you, and one that is recommended by the QBA, offering the best teaching facilities.

Lessons are usually two hours long, and range from 4 – 8 weeks. It’s very important to then commit to practice, either in a club, or by playing bridge online

Bridge is the most popular card game of all time. It’s a trick-taking game descended from Whist, a bit like Solo and 500. If you love to play cards, (and even if you don’t!) this is the ULTIMATE! It’s played socially and competitively by people of all ages (9 to 90), all over the world.

Learning bridge is a great way to:

  • keep mentally fit
  • make new friends
  • have fun playing cards
  • be stimulated for ever

Joan is also involved with excellence in teaching, and offers courses for teachers to improve their teaching skills. The QBA is committed to helping in this process, offering assistance to teacher to attend these courses.

Contact Joan or the QBA for more information Click here to email Joan Butts.

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