Alice Brown

For several years Alice Brown, was an active and very keen member of the Cairns Bridge Club where she reached Life Master status.

In September of 2006 Alice moved to Brisbane to be near her family – particularly a long awaited and much loved granddaughter, Jasmine. Unfortunately the dice rolled unfavourably, and Alice succumbed to an aggressive form of cancer on November 2, 2007.

Agree or disagree with her, it must be said that Alice always had the best interests of the Bridge Club at heart. She actively encouraged new members by giving lessons, partnering new players and advising learners when asked.

Although Alice was a hard taskmaster at the bridge table she made the game fun and, for those who took the time to know her, she was kind, caring and compassionate. Her sense of humour was highly developed and she could laugh at herself.

Nothing if not a realist, Alice always said that when her time came she would go as quietly and as quickly as possible. In this Alice had the courage of her convictions. She did not just “talk the talk”, at the end she showed that she was prepared to “walk the walk”.