Cecily Critchley

Memories and Life of Cecily Critchley

When Cecily joined the club in 2006 she was unknown to the newer members of the club however senior members knew her through playing in congresses in South East Queensland. Cecily was a grand master and had represented Queensland at the ANC, and together with Lynley they has also won several honour board events at our club.

Cecily was a psychologist and worked in that field in the 70s & 80s. In 1985 in partnership with Lynley they became a dealer in decorative antiques and arts and opened a shop in Paddington, Brisbane.

Cecily was involved in teaching at the Brisbane Bridge Centre in the 90s and began helping with supervised play at the GCBC in 2013. During this time Cecily knew that she wanted to become a bridge teacher and together with Lynley they obtained ABF accrediatation as bridge teachers and took over the role as the teachers for our club in 2014. Since then Cecily and Lynley dedicated their lives to teaching bridge at our club and their very strong following of restricted players is a testiment to the popularity and success thay achieved as teachers and mentors to the newer members of the club.

Cecily qualified as a club director and together with Lynley they were awarded life membership of the club in 2016.

Members of the club have followed Cecily’s journey in her battle with the ravages of cancer and she was admired for her stoic battle and the positive spin she displayed during this battle which tragedly she succumbed to in May.

Cecily you will forever be in the hearts and minds of the members of the Gold Coast Bridge Club and remembered for your dedication and devotion as a teacher and mentor to your many friends and followers at the club.

Cecily rest in peace knowing that you have impacted on the lives of so many members of the Gold Coast Bridge Club.

Neil Raward