Colin Stone

Colin was born in Bundaberg in 1951, and was later dux of his school and school captain. He played his early bridge in Cairns, while working with QEC in administration, but then moved to Brisbane, where most of his many successes in the game were achieved. He won countless competitions at club and congress level, but most notably four Queensland Teams Championships. In 1993 he had a fall at his home, was in a coma for nine days, and died. In addition to the respect he enjoyed as a player, Colin contributed much time and effort to the administration of the sport. One remembers in particular his captaincy of the Open Team at the 1991 ANA and of the Women�s team in 1993 (which lost the final by only 1 IMP), his meticulous work as Treasurer of the 1992 ANC, and his work as a director and committee member of the Brisbane Bridge Centre. He excelled in all these areas, impressing everyone with his competence, probity and kindness. In 1993, Colin participated in, and was finally champion in a new competition: The QBA Red Point Teams, played over six nights and a final. That event was renamed The Colin Stone Memorial Teams in his honour – and none more deserving.