Margaret Millar

Margaret has always been an integral part of Qld Bridge. Pele Rankin and I were fortunate to be ableto interview Margaret and learn more about the person behind her successes. Margaret has been married 63 years to Jim and they have four children, eight grandchildren & eightgreat grandchildren. She grew up in Monto, boarded at Glennie in Toowoomba and moved toBrisbane in 1952 to work in an accountancy practice whilst studying for her degree at night. Therewere fifteen students in the accountancy class but only two women – Jim was dating one but marriedthe other! They had a busy life with four children under three but Margaret thrived on working. She and Jim acquired the knowledge working in the accountancy business but after three years bought their first practice in Miles and later others in rural Queensland.It was not until their children were old enough to be weekly boarders at Grammar that Margaret andJim moved to Brisbane where they bought practices in the city and Moorooka.

One holiday Jim suggested that the whole family learn contract bridge. They all played 500 and enjoyed card games as there was no TV in the country. Tony Jackman gave lessons at Ascot school (he did not tell them there were such things as bridge clubs) but the children gradually lost interest. It was not until 1985 when they sold their accountancy business to pursue their love of antiques that there more time was available for bridge. Jim joined the Queensland Contract Bridge Club Board and, in 1988, ran the business side of the Bicentennial Expo Congress, held at the Park Royal. Famous players included Dorothy and Alan Truscott, Jan and Chip Martel, JoAnna and Lew Stansby, Phillip Alder and of course, Zia Mahmood. Jim sponsored Phillip Alder to play withMargaret and she only got to meet him 30 minutes beforevplay started. He told her that her system card was a shocker but they went on to finish 2nd in the Open Pairs Championship ahead of a star studded field and Margaret’s career was launched! Alan Truscott wrote a lovely article about Margaret’s fine declarer play In the New York Times from when shesubsequently visited New York. And what a career that was!

  • QLD ANC Women’s Team 15 times from 1989 to 2018, including three wins;
  • QLD ANC Senior’s Team twice;
  • Qld Mixed Pairs championship twice;
  • Qld Butler Pairs championship;
  • Qld Women’s Pairs – 5 times;
  • ABF Butler – 4 times with one gold, two silver and one bronze;

Margaret won numerous other titles including winning the Northern Suburbs Pairs congress twice with her son. She loves bridge & would play eight days a week if she could! Her main partners have been husband Jim, Lola McNeil, Margaret Drake, Robyn Clayton, Greer Tucker, Carolyn Woolley and Sue O’Brien. Her current partners are Carolyn & Sue. She plays Standard American, prefers simple to complicated systems and her biggest tip for any player is to COUNT! Her favourite tournament is the ANC Teams. Her favourite bridge books are by David Bird and Tim Bourke, and her favourite partner will always be Phillip Alder.
Therese Tully
August 2019

National Titles

  • 2021 Interstate Women’s Teams 1st – [with Sue O’Brien, Pele Rankin, Greer Tucker, Toni Bardon, Yolanda Carter, Neville Francis (NPC)]
  • 2016 Interstate Women’s Team – [1st with Maha Hoenig, Sue O’Brien, Greer Tucker, Therese Tully, Pele Rankin, Lindy Vincent (NPC]
  • 2010 Interstate Women’s Teams – [1st with Maureen Jakes, Rosie Green, Pele Rankin, Greer Tucker, Therese Tully, Jill Broad (NPC)]
  • 2005 Interstate Women’s Teams – [1st with Toni Bardon, Sandy Johnson, Rosa Lachman, Pele Rankin, Greer Tucker, Jill Broad (NPC)]
  • 2008 ABF Women’s Butler [3rd with Greer Tucker]
  • 2007 ABF Women’s Butler [1st with Greer Tucker]
  • 1998 ABF Women’s Butler [2nd with Robyn Clayton]
  • 1998 Interstate Senior Teams [with Jim Millar, Keith Bishop, George Cuppaidge, Claire Hyne, Tony Jackman (C)]
  • 1996 ABF Women’s Butler [2nd with Robyn Clayton]

State Representation

  • Australian National Championships – Queensland Women’s Team partners: 2023 [Sue O’Brien] 2021 [Sue O’Brien],2017 [Sue O’Brien], 2016 [Sue O’Brien], 2013 [Carolyn Woolley], 2012 [Carolyn Woolley], 2011 [Greer Tucker], 2010 [Greer Tucker], 2007 [Greer Tucker], 2006 [Marion Cooke], 2005 [Marion Cooke], 2004 [Marion Cooke], 2003 [Robyn Clayton], 1999 [Robyn Clayton], 1995 [Robyn Clayton], 1991 [Margaret Drake], 1989 [Margaret Drake]
  • Australian National Championships – Queensland Seniors’ Team – 1998 [Jim Millar], 1997 [Jim Millar]

State Titles

  • 2012 Queensland Butler Pairs [with Carolyn Woolley]
  • 2012 Queensland Women’s Pairs [with Carolyn Woolley]
  • 2002 Queensland Senior Teams [with Jim Millar, Tom Swainston, Freda Swainston]
  • 2000 Queensland Women’s Pairs [with Robyn Clayton]
  • 1998 Queensland Women’s Pairs [with Robyn Clayton]
  • 1996 Queensland Mixed Pairs [with Jim Millar]
  • 1996 Queensland Women’s Pairs [with Robyn Clayton]
  • 1994 Queensland Women’s Pairs [with Robyn Clayton]
  • 1992 Queensland Mixed Pairs [with Arnold Remedios]


1988 Bicentennial Congress Pairs 2nd [with Phillip Alder]