Mike Pemberton

Mike Pemberton and Splergen – a Tribute and a Legacy

With the passing of our wonderful friend Michael Pemberton on 9 November, Queensland has lost one of its great players. Mike’s wonderful playing record speaks for itself. He also gave generously of his time to mentor developing players.

As a mathematician and retired member of staff of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Queensland, Mike was also a bidding theorist. Prior to falling ill, Mike had planned to publish an article about a convention he had invented – “Splergen.” He and I played it together successfully for some years and found it to produce many excellent results.

Mike Pemberton will remain in our hearts and minds as a great mentor, friend and bidding theorist. I trust that others will also find his remarkable, highly inventive Splinter, Bergen and Jacoby combination of assistance in reaching the correct contract — whether it be a part score, a slam or a bid that soars to the giddy 7 level. It can be found on the Other Articles page on the QBA website. We will miss you, Mike!

Annette Corkhill

NB Details of “Splergen” appear on the website: Players/Bridge Publications/Other Articles

National Titles

1997 Interstate Seniors Pairs – [with Bill Hunt]

1978 Australian Open Individual

State Representation

Australian National Championships – Queensland Open Team 2013, 2007, 2001, 1989, 1987, 1986, 1985, 1983, 1982, 1980, 1978, 1975, 1973, 1971

Australian National Championships – Queensland Seniors’ Team 2015, 2009, 1997, 1996

Australian National Championships – Queensland Youth Team 1970, 1969

State Titles

2018 QBA Senior Pairs – [with John Gough]

2013 Queensland Senior Teams – [with Eva Berger, Tony Berger, John Gough]

2012 QBA Senior Pairs – [with John Gough]

2005 Queensland Senior Teams – [with Bill Hunt, Larry Moses, Richard Touton]

2008 Queensland Mixed Teams – [with Paul Hooykaas, Rosa Lachman, Pele Rankin, Bill Hunt]

2008 Queensland Graded Pairs – [with Bill Hunt]

1983 Queensland Open Pairs – [with Tony Jackman]

1982 Queensland Open Teams – [with Richard Ward, Brian Blyth, Walter Linderman, Tony Jackman]

1981 Queensland Open Teams – [with Tony Jackman, Brian Blyth, Tom Landy, Richard Ward]

1979 Queensland Open Pairs – [with Richard Ward]

1977 Queensland Open Teams – [with Ian Morris, Tony Jackman, Mike Robson]

1973 Queensland Open Teams – [with Harold Hiley, Denis Priest, Tony Jackman, Mike Robson]

1972 Queensland Open Teams – [with George Cuppaidge, Frank Jarvis, Denis Priest, Tony Jackman, Mike Robson]


1977 Gold Coast Open Teams Championship – [with Mike Robson, Ian Morris, Tony Jackman]